The JDL Team Rocks IT


As a career technologist with deep roots in engineering, I’ve worked with many highly skilled engineers in the past two decades, but I’ve never been as proud as I am of the exceptional team at JDL.  

JDL engineers eat, sleep and breathe technology, and live for the challenges each new technological advance brings. From the first time you contact us, you’ll JDL Technologies is a recognized leader in information technologyrealize just how passionate we are about technology—how it works, how to build it, and how to make it even better. That passion drives every solution we develop and benefits every customer we support. And it's one of the reasons we became the #1 provider of HIPAA-compliance services in Florida, our home state, and are ranked on the Elite 150 MSPs in North America.

It’s a real pleasure to work with a group of experts who have earned more than 135 professional certifications (and counting), who collectively possess 475 years of technical experience, and who continue to grow and thrive in their respective specialties, whether in IT service management, networking, virtualization and cloud services, security, regulatory compliance or other specialties.

Individually, each JDL team member is a master of his or her craft and each takes great pride in contributing to the overall customer experience. Together, we’re a tightly knit, can-do team of industry experts eager to bring the benefits of JDL services to your organization. We also bring to the table the unwavering support of a financially strong parent company in Communications Systems Inc.

Our team can enable your busy staff to do more, enable your strained budget to go further, and enable you to achieve the goals you've set for your organization. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Scott Fluegge

Scott Fluegge, President and General Manager