Virtualizing Education Infrastructure


Schools are increasingly challenged by legacy IT infrastructure at a time when infrastructure needs to be more adaptable and flexible than ever. 

BYOD adoption, a shift to testing online, increased data access by faculty and students, and the surge in learning applications and instructional video are pushing the envelope.  And schools are facing this challenge under tighter budgets and with limited IT resources. 

But there is an answer.  By virtualizing server applications and traditional desktops, school districts and private campuses can efficiently use their infrastructure, deliver a consistent user experience on a range of devices, and simplify management for IT administrators.

Nutanix Virtualization Diagram 

The Ideal Infrastructure Platform for Education

The Nutanix virtual solution is the first in the industry to integrate compute and storage resources into a single appliance—delivering huge benefits in the classroom, on campus, and throughout the district. 

As the go-to Nutanix solutions provider in Florida, JDL EduTech can help you gain substantial cost savings, and predictable scalability, for even the most intensive virtual workloads. 

The advanced architecture of the Nutanix platform enables high availability across all system components to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. Perfect for your district or campus! 

Affordable Appliances that Deliver Big Benefits

By virtualizing your infrastructure with the innovative Nutanix virtualization solution from JDL EduTech, you’ll gain:

  • High quality, hypervisor-agnostic infrastructure for VDI and server virtualization

  • Single pane management for the entire server and storage infrastructure

  • Single infrastructure to run mixed workloads

  • Easy scalability as your needs grow.

By providing the flexibility to run multiple applications on a single infrastructure, the Nutanix virtualization solution from JDL eliminates the need for expensive, dedicated resources per application, while satisfying electronic information protection regimes. 

Did we mention that JDL is the go-to Nutanix solutions provider in Florida?  

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